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Survey Says! 2022 Yarnworker Check-In

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts during the 2022 Yarnworker Check-In Survey. Over 700 rigid-heddle weavers responded to the survey. In addition to the numerous multiple choice questions, I asked a number of open-ended ones. This is an act of putting on my active listening ears to let you describe your weaving …

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2019 Yarnworker Biennial Survey Results

Every two years I send out a survey to get a feel for where rigid-heddle weavers are on their weaving journey and what specific issues they may be experiencing. Feedback from these surveys helped start the weave-alongs and prompted me to create specific content, most recently, A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn. First a Bit of …

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Yarnworker Turns Three

Three years ago I launched Yarnworker as a place to call home in the vast world of the internet and as a platform to share tips, technique, and stuff that makes your weaving life better. If Yarnworker was a human, this would be her willful stage of development. Having your hobby be your jobby is challenging and …

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There is a Method to the Madness

I grew up in and around all kinds of stages and studios. My parents were into the theater scene big time—as actors, backstage hands, and promoters. I lived for a short time in a dinner theater dressing room. I served as my mother’s dresser. I did the voice over for a ghost in Blithe Spirit. …

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Why Yarnworker?

It gives me great pleasure when people ask me what I do to say I’m a weaver. This was even before I did it for a living because I found the question of what I “do” not relevant to how I earn my living. I hear so many people say, “I’m not a real weaver, I …

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