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Have Loom Will Travel

Since June, I’ve laid my head in a different bed one week to the next. Occasionally the bed has been my own, but more often than not, it hasn’t. Mostly, I’ve been teaching on what I’ve dubbed the 2016 Rigid Heddle Road Trip, or attending conferences and other weaving-related gatherings.

Teaching is really important to me.  It keeps me in touch with all the things I love about the craft. I learn by teaching. I get new ideas when teaching. I remember things I forgot when I’m teaching. I get affirmation that the work I do is helpful to others when I’m teaching. I laugh a lot when I’m teaching. I make mistakes when I’m teaching. I grow when I’m teaching.

Summer teaching

It’s not without its demands.  Preparing for teaching takes time and planning.  Even if I’ve taught a class many, many times, the students in the room always make each time different.

Summer would not be summer without play. I managed to squeeze in each of all my favorite summer activities, but only one of each—mountain biking, paddling, alpine hiking, hot springs soaking, and music festing.

Summer activities

Now it is time that we turn our attention to autumn, which means back to school for many and a different kind of rhythm. A new semester started this week at New Mexico Tech where I teach Weaving 101, and the Taos Wool Festival will be here before you know it. I’m offering three classes at this storied gathering, Spinning Singles for WeavingSwatching for Weavers, and a two-hour market class.  Sign up early, since they make decisions about class cuts at the end of this month.


For me, the new season also brings a new kind of teaching. Starting September 1, I’m hosting my first weave-along (WAL). I did this on a whim, since I’m going to be revising many of my previous patterns and thought, “Why weave alone?” Over 125 folks emailed me to say they are in!  I was blown away by the response and I’m also a little nervous. I am remind myself that regardless of whether it is an actual room of 10 or a virtual room of 100, weavers are generous and kind folks and always willing to help each other out.

See the previous blog post for details about the WAL and why I’m hosting it. I sent a blast out yesterday with the details to those who expressed interest already. Cotton Clouds is offering a kit of the project and they still have a few left. If you emailed me and didn’t receive it, check your spam filter or email me again. I’ll be blogging here during each phase of the WAL.

Happy Weaving!




3 thoughts on “Have Loom Will Travel”

  1. Hi,
    I’d like to join the weave along! Unfortunately none of the color ways, lovely as they are, go with my decor. If it’s not too much trouble could you please list the yardage per color so I can choose different yarns?

    Ravelry name is Havingfun.

    • Sure, here you go: This is the yardage called for in the pattern found on the Double Your Fun video. Warp: Cotton Fleece (80% cotton/20% merino wool, 215 yd/100 g skein, 980 yd/lb; Brown Sheep),Red, 160 yd; Berry, 160 yd; Plum, 42 yd. Weft: Rose, 98 yd; Cherry, 98 yd; Plum, 14

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