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Beating the ‘Tude

As a weaving teacher, I’m constantly reminded what an inexact term “beating” is. In weaving, we throw the term “beat” around a lot when what we really need to do is finesse. There are notable exceptions and we have explored some of those this year—weft-faced colorwork anyone?—but most yarn doesn’t really like being pushed about. …

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The Weaver’s Trifecta: Yarn, Sett, Beat

As I enter my fifth year of hosting weave-alongs, I’ve been musing on how we spend our time. Besides generally geeking out on all the things weaving entails, we seem to spend the most time talking about the endlessly fascinating topic of yarn selection, sett, and beat, or what I like to call, the weaver’s …

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Geeking Out: Rugs

Rugs have been made by weavers for thousands of years on all sorts of looms. I have woven many rugs on a rigid-heddle loom and have included projects for them in my books, workshops, and weave-alongs.  I hear from time to time the pronouncement, “You can’t make a rug on a rigid-heddle loom.” The reasoning is …

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When Is My Work My Own?

The Yarnworker School patrons and I are spending our summer school session tackling the process of formulating a plan to weave a project. We placed pause on this activity to recognize a moment in a long reckoning with race, justice, and inequality in America. At a time when we have all experienced the impact of …

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Geeking Out: Knots

Tying onto the front apron rod is often a pain point for new weavers. All knots take some getting used to. The type of apron rod you have and what you are trying to accomplish can often dictate which knot you favor. Here is a round up of the three most popular knots weavers use to …

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Help, I Warped My Loom Backwards and Other Things That Can Go Wrong

Warping backwards happens. I once merrily warped a loom backwards while doing a demonstration for my colleagues. We often discover this error when we are getting ready to wind onto the beam and realize we are heading towards the wrong one. Sometimes, if it just isn’t your day, you may also discover that your warp …

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