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What Makes a Rigid Heddle Loom, a Rigid Heddle Loom?

During the latest weave-along, we have been exploring warp-faced colorwork to weave bands on a rigid-heddle loom. This has led to all sorts of exploratory questions about tape and box looms, many of which utilize a rigid-heddle style reed as the shedding device. Every weaving culture has some sort of band technique that expresses their …

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Beating the ‘Tude

As a weaving teacher, I’m constantly reminded what an inexact term “beating” is. In weaving, we throw the term “beat” around a lot when what we really need to do is finesse. There are notable exceptions and we have explored some of those this year—weft-faced colorwork anyone?—but most yarn doesn’t really like being pushed about. …

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When Is My Work My Own?

The Yarnworker School patrons and I are spending our summer school session of 2020 tackling the process of formulating a plan to weave a project or essentially learning how to design projects for our own use. This is a round of of ideas about looking at design from a bird’s eye view. What is Design? …

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2019 Yarnworker Biennial Survey Results

Every two years I send out a survey to get a feel for where rigid-heddle weavers are on their weaving journey and what specific issues they may be experiencing. Feedback from these surveys helped start the weave-alongs and prompted me to create specific content, most recently, A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn. First a Bit of …

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When, if ever, do I need a floor loom?

Rigid-heddle weavers regularly ask me this question or a variation on this theme, essentially wanting to know if they will reach a limit with their rigid-heddle loom. All looms have constraints. Syne Mitchell, a dedicated multi-shaft loom weaver and author of Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom, talks beautifully about the concept of constraints throughout her work. …

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Songwriters, Storytellers, and Me

This is a very long post, but I promise you it has a point, and one I’m very excited about. Last month, my husband and I made our annual pilgrimage to South By Southwest and the live music city of the world, Austin, Texas. For five non-stop days, we wandered from music tent to backyard parties to storied …

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