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Here’s where I hang out regularly online and how I think about the content I post:

Facebook: latest Yarnworker news, general posts of interest to weavers, and patron-only weave-along study group. I don’t use Facebook messages for correspondence. Email is the best way to get ahold of me.

Instagram: see what’s on my loom in the feed, stories have daily life snaps.

Pinterest: a visual feast of the Yarnworker world and the weaving life.

YouTube: pattern supplements, general how-to, just for fun, and travel vlogs.

Yarnworker School: online classes and weave-alongs have a discussion section where you can ask question. Weave-alongs are free while they are active and have a small fee to access the information after they are over.

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All posts on social media and content on this website are by me, unless otherwise noted.



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