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Yarn Study Group Resources

A list of resources I mentioned during our Study Group Sessions.   I’ll update the page after each session.



See, Preference and Introduction of A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn for more information about how I approached writing this book.

Other resources mentioned during the stream:

Evaluating Yarn for Warp (Yarnworker YouTube video)

Full On Coasters Pattern

December 2018 Newsletter that shows some Bin of Misconception projects. This was the “post” that eluded me.

The Leavings of Weaving, Winter 2017 Knitty column featuring the Thrums Buns

Raw Materials by Stephany Wilkes

Vanishing Fleece by Clara Parks




wraps examples
The wraps on the left are wrapped using very little tension. The ones on the right are wrapped under tight tension.

I’ll be discussing page 10-13 in A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn

Meet the Sett Checker (blog post, explains the process of using wraps to determine sett)

Yarn Substitutions (blog post)

The Weaver’s Trifecta: Yarn, Sett, Beat (blog post)

Take-Up, Shrinkage, and Elasticity (blog post)

Getting Multiple Setts from a Rigid Heddle Reed (blog post)

Guesstimating Sett a Case Study and excerpt from Weaving 301 and Summer 2020 Design-Along. If you haven’t already done so, you can enroll for the design-along for free using this private link):

Other resources mentioned during the stream:

The Xenakis Technique by David Xenakis available for free on the XRX website

Weaving With There Rigid Heddles by Rev, David B McKinney

Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom by Betty Linn Davenport (referenced page 67)

Gift from the Hills: Miss Lucy Morgan’s story of her unique Penland School with LeGette Blythe

Winter Weave-Along Information


January 15: Sett Refresh + Beyond A Balanced Plain Weave

Many of the resources from our last session are relevant to today’s session.

This is the blog post I mentioned that illustrates sett’s effects on cloth: Sett’s Effects

sett checker with DK weight yarn
This is a cellulose based DK weight yarn on a sett checker. It is sett a little open in an 8, somewhat balanced in a 10, and close in a 12. All of these setts are usable depending on your structure, weft choice, and beat.


January 21: Abrasion Resistance + Pinch and Pull Test

Evaluating Yarns for Warp (YouTube video)

Other resources mentioned:

Take-Up, Shrinkage, and Elasticity (blog post)

Weaving for Wee Ones (Blog Post) I’d consider this advise light, not a particular deep dive into the subject.

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