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Welcome to the Yarnworker Patreon Community

The weave-alongs started in 2016 and with the help of the Patreon community, have grown into a full-fledged member supported rigid-heddle learning space. You joined us in the middle of a transition phase from the Yarnworker School to YarnworkerU.

The benefits of YarnworkerU is that everything is under one roof with more bells and whistles. This graphic outlines the evolution of the Yarnworker experience.


You still enjoy the perks of your Patreon membership while trying out this new space. Everything that was available to you at the Yarnworker School is available at YarnworkerU. The only exception is that you can’t purchase classes or weave-alongs to take with you. Patrons can still make purchases using their discounts through the beta phase of YarnworkerU.

To learn how to sign up for YarnworkerU, check out this Patreon post. Don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions.

Heddles Up!


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