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Weaves of 2023

Whether you wove along, swatched along, watched along, or just checked now and again, your support is greatly appreciated. Words simply can’t express how grateful I am for the Yarnworker Patreon Community. You provide not only funding for the school, but also motivation to keep going and make all the things created here better. I hope I return the favor.

If you missed anything  shared during the year, I put a round up of all the patterns and handouts in the study group. here is a roundup.

Patrons, you can find a round up of all the patterns and handouts from the 2023 in the study group here.


Coming In 2024

  • Release of A Rigid-Heddle Weaver’s Guide to Structure: Making of a Sense of a Multi-Heddle World 
  • A brand new platform for the Yarnworker Community
  • The weave-alongs return!

Stay tuned for more details and thanks again for your loyalty, patience, support, and mutual enthusiasm for exploring the nooks and crannies of the loom we love.

Heddles Up!



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