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Weaver’s Bandana

As we approach the end of another year, I have a small gift to pass along to you. My mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and recently faced a short round of chemo. I started looking for a chemo cap to gift her. Then I thought, “Wait, why not weave one?” With my mom’s blessing, I wrote up the pattern to offer to anyone out there who is or has a loved one facing this kind of treatment or simply needs a little bit of comfort and joy. Mom is more conscious of a drafty neck than head, so I design this warp to create two scarves—one for the neck and one for the head. Whatever life throws your way, may you face it with the grace and humor of my mom. 

Download Weaver’s Bandana

Irene Schmoller, a long-time patron of the Yarnworker School and owner of Cotton Clouds, put together a kit for these scarves in a number of different colorways. Thanks Irene! No affiliate link here, just trying to make weaving the pattern a little easier and to introduce you to a new weaving yarn that is well suited for this purpose. Patrons get a discount off the kit as our way of saying thanks for unwavering support of the school, offer expires January 15, 2020.

Weaver’s Bandana worn three ways by Graciela Garcia, friend and fellow weaver.












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