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The Pinwheels are Here!

Pinwheel-Runner-PinkThis pattern was a long-time in the making.  I approached Jean Ahearn (aka Jeen on Ravelry) over two years ago about publishing a pattern based on her popular pinwheel projects she posted on Ravelry.  She was quick to respond and I was slow with getting all the pieces and parts together. The result is the Traveling Pinwheel Mat pattern.

Jean’s pinwheels are absolutely amazing, and she deserves so many accolades for figuring out the steps to pick-up this popular pattern (typically thought of as the domain of floor or table loom weavers) making it available to rigid-heddle weavers, and coaching so many weavers through the process of weaving them and many other projects via the rigid-heddle weaving group on Ravelry.

Traveling-Pinwheels-BlackPatterns are more than instructions on how to make a pretty thing, they give you all the benefits of the weaver’s vast experience in making that thing. With this pattern, Yarnworker is offering a new service on our YouTube channel, pattern support videos.  We know that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and we weavers are tactile people.  We often learn best when someone shows us how to do something.

Certainly, if you were dedicated you can learn all you need to weave pinwheels on Ravelry and via our video, but I think you will quickly see the value of having all the information in one handy place.

Yarnworker contributor’s share in the proceeds from their pattern sales. We all stand on the shoulder of giants, the weaving pioneers that came before us and those who inspire us today.  To me, Jean is one of those giants.  She has done so much to support weavers in the Ravelry community through her generous gift of time and encouragement.  I hope you are as delighted, and addicted, to making Jean’s pinwheels as I am.

Happy Weaving!



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