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Geeking Out: Packing Material

I try not to be an opinionated weaver, as there are many ways to get similar results. In weaving, as in life, “it depends” is a totally legit answer. I’m not sure why packing paper has been on my mind, but it has. I questioned myself on why I prefer paper as a packing material. Self, …

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Geeking Out: Wonky Edges

How to maintain straight selvedges is the number two pain point for weavers. It comes second only to warping. There are three things you can do if you want to maintain tidy edges and prevent draw in. Tension Whenever possible I put my selvedges in a slot and weight them. Weighting your selvedges gives them …

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Use What You’ve Got

Occasionally when I’m working with two of my favorite fibers—linen and hemp—my selvedges lose tension.  I keep s-hooks and old shower curtain hooks handy for just these occasions.  Usually they are heavy enough to weight down the loose threads, but tonight I needed to add additional weight.  Luckily, I hadn’t put away the holiday decorations …

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