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Sett’s Effects

In A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn I start with sett. Understanding warp density’s effect on cloth is where the rubber meets the road, or in our case, the yarn meets the loom. Sett is the number of warp ends within an inch of the rigid heddle reed. Because rigid-heddle weavers often double up our ends in …

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Half Year Mark: A Handwoven Home Update

Declaring that 2015 “year of the handwoven home” was a way for me to increase the number of handwovens in my home. Since that time, I’ve signed for a new book with Interweave on weaving for the home, causing me to switch gears from weaving for me to weaving for publication. To keep the spirit of …

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The Pinwheels are Here!

This pattern was a long-time in the making.  I approached Jean Ahearn (aka Jeen on Ravelry) over two years ago about publishing a pattern based on her popular pinwheel projects she posted on Ravelry.  She was quick to respond and I was slow with getting all the pieces and parts together. The result is the Traveling …

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Taking Stock

As I begin my quest to realize a lifelong dream—to live in a home bedecked in handwoven textiles, I stopped to look around at what my home already contains.  So much of my weaving life has either been for publication, teaching, or for gifts.  The work I purchase, I have largely give as gifts. I’ve retained very …

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