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Swatch Maker Loom Resources

Welcome to the swatching life! Swatching is a joyous part of my weaving exploration. A meandering path from here to there, where I can enjoy all kinds of discoveries along the way in order to arrive to my destination. Swatching is not required to create the cloth of your dreams, but it can help!

Swatch Maker Looms and accessories were created as a collaboration between Liz Gipson of Yarnworker and Angela Smith, formerly of Purl & Loop. After years of making my own tools—sanding popsicle sticks, building looms in multiple setts from various materials, and cutting out cardboard shuttles or purchasing frame looms in setts I don’t commonly use and adapting them for my purposes, I offer these looms to you as a tool to play around with your own ideas.

All components (wood, needles, cotton bag project bag, instructions, etc.) are sourced from U.S. businesses and produced and assembled in the U.S. The looms and tools are packaged in recycled or recyclable materials.

Swatching Guide

To learn more about how to weave a swatch using a frame loom, why you would want to do so, and tips for how to manage your swatching life, check out A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn.

Available in print and digital format or you can bundle them together.

A Weaver's Guide to Swatching by Liz Gipson


Swatch Class

I offer a series of foundational classes at the Yarnworker School. I’ve found that the art of swatching is most useful to weavers who have been weaving for awhile and have a basic understanding of how the endless combination of sett, beat, yarn selection, and weave structure can have sometimes subtle and sometimes profoundly different impact on your cloth depending on your choices. Learning to see the weave is part of the joy of weaving. In Weaving 302:Swatching I introduce you to the world of swatching,

Other resources

Open, Balanced, and Close Setts: Meet the Sett Checker (Yarnworker blog post)

Swatch and Learn (Yarnworker blog post)

Weaving a Swatch Without Fringe (YouTube video from Purl and Loop, note this video has no sound.)

A recorded Zoom session with Angela Smith and Liz Gipson. Angela shares her no fringe method for warping the Swatch Maker 3-in-1 without fringe and other tips.

Swatching Structure Other Than Plain Weave (Yarnworker blog post)


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