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Patron 2021 Summer Session Resources

Welcome to the Patron 2021 Summer Session

This is an opportunity for you to choose a previous weave-along and we will weave it together. Check out this post for more details.

Resources Week 1: Declare Your Weave-Along Selection

Geeking Out: Yarn Selection

Read Write Project Planning Sheet

Resources mention during the livestream

Gist online calculator

Janet Dawson online calculator

I wrote about the core differences between the direct and indirect method in this post for Gist.

Resources Week 1: Warping

Here is a round up of my most popular blog posts. The link at the bottom of the list was just posted today.

The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Warping (a post I wrote for Gist Yarn)

When to Use Which Warping Method (Yarnworker blog post)

Help I Warped My Loom Backwards and Other Things That Can Go Wrong (Yarnworker blog post)

My Evolved Thinking On How to Fix a Broken Warp End (Yarnworker Blog Post)

How to Secure, Remove, and Rethread an Unwoven Warp from the Loop (Yarnworker blot post)


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