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Heddles Up! Swatch Maker Pick-Up Stick


Speed up your swatching with these adorably sized Swatch Maker Loom accessories. Bundle with the Swatch Maker Loom Set and save!


To celebrate the Yarnworker School’s second anniversary Purl & Loom added a perfectly sized pick-up stick for use with the Swatch Maker Loom.

Beveled on each end to make it easy to pick up your warp yarns, a pick-up stick quickly becomes an invaluable weaving tool. By tipping a stick shuttle on its edge, you can create a taller space for the shuttle to pass through, and by using the flat edge you can press the weft evenly into place.

It measures about 7 ¾” long from tip to tip, ½” high, and 1/8” wide.

Swatch Maker Looms are made in the Purl & Loop Houston studio, a woman-owned business. All loom packaging components (needles, cotton bag, instructions, etc.) are sourced from U.S. businesses. Purl & Loop is proud to pay its workers a living wage.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7.5 × .25 in

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