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Full On Coasters: Spring 2021 Weave-Along

A Yarnworker Weave-Along with Liz Gipson

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Fulled fabrics are so much fun. You get all the joy of weaving without worry, then throw the fabric in the washing machine to shrink it. Taken to its extreme, the yarns fuse into a felt-like fabric.

The resulting fabric can be used in any way your imagination takes you—wearables, accessories, stuffed animals and other whimsical creatures, soft sculptures, sachets, pincushions, coasters, trivets, ornaments, travel mug sleeves, patchwork blankets, etc.

Spring 2021 Weave-Along

Spring brings searing season so it seems like a perfect time to dive into wool and wool-like fibers. If you are allergic to wool fulling works with a wide variety of other protein fibers such as llama, alpaca, Angora, and the like. We will be weaving a set of coasters that allow you to get a taste for the great potential of this technique.

This weave-along is appropriate for beginners. I assume you know how to warp your loom and are familiar with basic weaving terminology.

There is no fee to register for the weave-along. You have access to all the lessons until the Summer weave-along starts. The pattern is offered with a name-your-price option. Patrons of the school receive the pattern at no cost. Proceeds go to support the continuation of the weave-alongs.

You can sign up for the weave-along here.


Rigid-heddle loom with at least an 8″ weaving width; 8-dent rigid heddle; 1-3 shuttles.

Yarn and Yardage

2 colors of worsted- or DK-weight, 1,000-1,200 yd/lb, non-superwash wool, something that shrinks in the wash. I’ll use Brown Sheep Prairie Spun for demonstration. I recommend weaving with the same yarn in warp and weft, but feel free to experiment!

Warp Yardage: 100 yd (about 50 yd of two different colors)

Weft Yardage: 80 yd (40 yd of two different colors, each coaster takes about 15 yd)

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