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Color-and-Weave Towels Pattern Errata

Despite all my best efforts, mistakes happen—oh, how I hate that! Listed here is are the corrections for the Color-and-Weave Towel Pattern.

All Yarnworker patterns have a date in the footer of either the time of publication or when it was last updated. If your pattern has the date of the update in the footer, then you have the current version.

Color-and-Weave Towels
Updated 10-2016

Color Order of the Root Beer Float Colorway Specs on page 2: the balance should read 6 fawn instead of 3: [6 Fawn/2 Cream] x 36 + 6 Fawn. 

This changes your number warp ends and yardage requirements: Under Warp Ends you should wind have 222 Fawn ends for a yardage requirement of 888 yds Fawn.

Direct Warpers take note! You thread the holes at the same time you thread the slots, This will make it much easier to manage odd ends in this threading. This can only be done in patterns where you are using two ends as one.

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