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Patron Anniversary Door Prizes!

Each day, starting on April 16 and ending on April 20, I’ll announce three folks picked from our virtual hat to select a freebie from a list of goodies. True Believers get 5 names in the hat; Bigger, Better, More get 4; Super Supporters, 3; Regular Readers, 2; all other pledges, 1. Plus you get a ticket for every month you have been a patron.

Here’s how it works:

Each morning by 9am MST, I’ll post the list of goodies and three names here. If your name is selected, leave your choice in the comments on that post. I’ll remove these choices from the list and the next day, I’ll post three more names. If, for some reason you don’t see your name, you don’t lose your chance to pick from the list, but the sooner you declare your choice, the more choices you get! The quantity number indicates how many are left.


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