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New Weave-Along Starts November 1st!

The Yarnworker Doubleweave Throw Weave-Along is drawing to a close. It was a truly amazing experience. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, and we persevered. We learned as a group that making mistakes really isn’t that big of a deal and that anything and everything can be fixed.

In fact, we had such fun, I am going to host another one. My goal is to replace my lost teaching samples, and my next highest priority is reweaving Yarnworker’s most popular pattern, the Color-and-Weave Towels.


How it Works

All rigid-heddle weavers are invited to join in as we weave Yarnworker’s Color-and-Weave Towels a during the month of November.

The pattern

The pattern includes instructions on how to weave four kitchen towels each one a little bit different from the other. With this pattern, you’ll learn two lesser-known color-and-weave patterns, how to weave multiple towels that are all the same size with borders in the same place, and tips for managing doubled ends and two shuttles.

This weave-along is sure to generate lively discussion about how to manage long, fine warps and the best ways to warp color-and-weave patterns.

Yarn Requirements

The pattern requires a loom with 15-inch weaving width, 10-dent heddle, and three shuttles. The towels are made from 8/2 cotton in two contrasting colors. Cotton Clouds has offered this towel pattern as a kit since the pattern was released and it is available in multiple colorways. I created this video for Cotton Clouds about their kits that features this pattern.


Plan to warp up on November 1st, and by the end of the month, you will have a lovely set of towels to give to a family member, friend, or as a special gift to yourself.

November 1-7: Warping!
November 8-22: Weaving!
November 22-29: Finishing!
November 30: Show off your finished towels!

Chat and Support

There is a dedicated Facebook Group for the Weave-Along. Hop on Facebook and ask to join. We will also have a dedicated chat thread in the Yarnworker Ravelry group starting October 24.  I’ll hop onto the Facebook Group and Ravelry thread at least once a day during the weave-along to answer questions and cheer you on. At the start of each phase I’ll offer up an extra blog post with tips.

If you aren’t on the list already, sign up to learn more details about this and future weave-alongs. If you emailed me about the last weave-along, you are already on the list. If you aren’t sure you can sign up again and the system will send you a notice if you are already on the list.

Let’s keep our heddles happy!


28 thoughts on “New Weave-Along Starts November 1st!”

  1. I am so excited to be joining this Weave-Along.! I bought a Schacht Rigid Heddle loom which will be in my hands by mid Oct. I am very new to weaving having only made a scarf in a class at the local yarn shop. I hope I will be able to follow along with all of you.
    Can’t Wait!

  2. I ordered my yarn 🙂 Now I just need to make sure I don’t miss the weave along. I missed the last one but looking forward to this one

  3. I’ve had the kit for these towels (in purple) for over a year, so here’s my chance to get them woven, with a little coaching.

  4. I just ordered my yarn. I didn’t participate in the last weave along as I didn’t have a second heddle. Maybe in the future. I am really excited about this weave along.

  5. Colour(I’m Canadian don’t judge the spelling)?And Weave is my favourite thing. I will get my project off the loom and prepare for this. Nov 1 is my birthday!

  6. Your Weave Along could not have come at a better time and I am surprised that I actually saw it. My old Beka rigid heddle has not seen the light of day for years. We moved overseas 2 years ago and I brought it with me, just in case. So now I have no excuse and I am elated to have been given this push.

  7. I am very new to weaving and have only warped my borrowed loom once. How does the weave along work? Is it streamed, certain days and times, etc. It sounds like a great way for me to learn more, but I’d like more info please. My borrowed loom has a 7.5 ” dent. I notice the requirement for the weave along is 10″. Will my loom work? Thanks so much.

    • I just answered your email with some of this information, but I’ll post here as well in case someone else has similar questions. You only need the pattern to follow along.I’ll be offering some supplemental blog posts with tips, but the pattern has a lot of information. There isn’t any video or streamed webinar, though the latter is an intriguing idea. Cotton Clouds is offering a convent kit with lots of color ways to choose from. (Links to all of this is in the post.)

      The yarn we are using won’t sett well with a 7.5. It is really fine and you need to double the threads as it is. You could used a worsted weight cotton and modify the pattern, but that might require some advanced beginner skills. Instead of warping two ends in each slot or hole you would only warp one. You could try this with a shorter warp as a learning experience. Hope that helps.

  8. I put away my rigid heddle looms last year so this will hopefully get my weaving mojo going!

    I bought the pattern and stash-dived for some 8/2 cotton so I am ready to go.!

  9. I just bought a Schacht Rigid Heddle Flip Loom. I’m so excited I joined a weavers study group to help me get ready! Thanks for offering this.

  10. Liz, could you explain how the weave-along works? I’m a bit technologically challenged… (I don’t use Facebook or send Tweets)…how do we follow along? Thanks very much! Toni

    • Unfortunately the weave-along is dependent on social media. I will have supplemental blog posts, as I did with the last one, but since we are all over the globe most of the action happens in the Facebook and Ravelry groups.

    • 8/4 isn’t really double 8/2. The “8” is the weight and the “4” is the number of plies, so four plies make up the same weight. You could use it doubled, however most 8/4 is carpet warp. which has a very hard twist so it may make your towels really stiff. It’s more of a placemat yarn than a towel yarn although I know folks do weave with it.

  11. The very best thing about your WALs is you push my rh experience into new areas. HURRAY< There is more the rigid heddle than scarves! I am drawing in scarves. Let's do a garment next. I recently made my first rh garment, the 'posey vest' by Judith Schangold from her book "Weave, Knit, Wear". I'd like to explore garments more.

  12. I just purchased and downloaded my pattern and I notice the errata you sent out on Oct 18 has not been noted or corrected on the pattern PDF. I’n not sure I can change your document so I’ll have to remember to correct al of my own copies by hand.
    It would be nice for new customers to have the correct information because if they did not attend the WAL they would not even know about the errata.

  13. Hi – My name is Edie. I am fairly new to weaving. I started about a year and 1/2 ago and quickly became hooked. I bought a 25″ ridged heddle loom (Schacht) and have done scarves, shawls, and one set of towels. I am looking forward to this WAL and learning from all of you. This should be fun.

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