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Napkins Two Ways Weave-Along

The next Yarnworker Weave-Along project is Napkins Two Ways.

For those itching to work with finer threads in finer setts, these two projects allow you to weave where you are. In the vein of the rag rug weave-along, I’m offering you the choice of one of two projects—one single heddle, and the other, double.

I have two napkin patterns: The No Two Alike Napkins in Weaving Made Easy, revised edition (single heddle) doubles fine threads in a close sett that is woven in a single end allows you to pop the colors in the warp and create a fine cloth with drape, perfect for napkins. The Four-Sided Fringe Napkins in Handwoven Home uses the same idea, creating an even finer fabric, setting the yarn singly by using two heddles. I can also toss in some extra pattern ideas you can weave with two heddles and no pick-up sticks as seen in the Fresh Baked Bread Cloth, as seen in Handwoven Home.

The registration link will be available April 5, 2019 (see below for schedule). I’ll post the link to Patrons first, then email the link to everyone who is on the Yarnworker mailing list who checked “weave-alongs” as a special interest.

I’ll defer most questions regarding this WAL until March 22, as I’m traveling the first few weeks of the month.

Here is the who, what, when, and where info to date:


This weave-along is designed for an advanced beginner. I assume that you have already woven a few projects, can warp your loom without assistance, have a basic understanding of weaving terminology, and are ready for a challenge.


Pattern: No Two Alike Napkins in Weaving Made Easy, revised edition (single heddle) or Four-Sided Fringe Napkins in Handwoven Home (double heddle).


8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,369 yd [3,081 m]/lb) or 22/2 cottolin (3,246 yd [2,968 m]/lb)

Single heddle version as shown:

Warp: 986 yd (902 m)/lb total: 396 yd (362 m) natural; 590 (539 m) teal

Weft: 248 yd (228 m) total: 124 yd (113 m) natural; 124 yd (113 m) teal

Double heddle version as shown:

Warp: 932 yd (853 m) total: 228 yd (208 m) blue; 268 yd (245 m) yellow green; 158 yd (144 m) light green; 278 yd (254 m) yellow

Weft: 380 yd (348 m) total; 95 yd (87 m) each blue, yellow green, light green, yellow.

Cotton Clouds has a kit for the No Two Alike Napkins in multiple colorways. They also have a kit for the Four-Sided Fringe Napkins in the colorways shown in the book. Patrons click here to get your discount.


No Two Alike Napkins: rigid-heddle loom with 15” (38 cm) weaving width, 12-dent rigid heddle, 3 stick shuttles, optional sewing machine.

Four-Sized Fringe Napkins: rigid-heddle loom with 16″ (40.5 cm) weaving width and double heddle block, two 12-dent rigid heddles, boat shuttle with 5 bobbins or 2-5 stick shuttles.

Golden Nuggets

These projects allow us to take a deep dive into fine threads and how sett affects drape and color, explore a new finish—four-sided fringe—and flex your colorwork skills. Easily adapted to any weaving width.



Registration gets underway April 5.  Hop on the Yarnworker mailing list to be emailed the link directly when it is ready. Patrons will always get notifications first.

Information will be posted by noon on the appointed days. Note that videos are going to be posted on FRIDAYs for this weave-along.


April 5: Registration link available, welcome information, tips on modifying the pattern.

April 12: Warp

April 19: Weave

April 26: Finishing

May 3: Show and Tell!

I’ll be traveling to Maryland Sheep & Wool to teach during the last week of the WAL.


I host the weave-alongs for free at the Yarnworker School of Weaving, a community-funded, virtual classroom for rigid-heddle weavers. For more information about the Yarnworker Weave-Alongs and School, check out this FAQ.

A big shout out to all the Patrons who keep these weave-alongs going.

Heddles Up!


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