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Meet A Yarnworker

Fat and Happy Scarf
The highly textural Puffy Pillows

Because of Martha Stewart, I was fortunate enough to meet Deborah Jarchow. Remember when Martha left jail wearing a crocheted poncho made by one of her fellow inmates? Ponchos became an overnight sensation!  That year Handwoven decided to host a poncho contest and I was in charge of corresponding with the entrants. Deborah was one of the winners and we stayed in touch.  We met again while I was at Schacht where Deborah was a dealer through her studio at the Studio Channel Arts Center. And, then again we met when I was her producer on her Craftsy class, Rigid-Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics.

Fat and Happy Scarf
The Fat and Happy Scarf is a
perfect example of a “color/texture”
weaver’s work, it shows off an unusual
yarn to its fullest!

Deborah is what weaver’s like to call a “color/texture” weaver as opposed to a “structure/pattern” weaver.  Color texture weavers thrive on simple structures that show off a particular yarn’s attributes, and they play with color endlessly. Structure/pattern weavers could use the same yarn in the same color in every piece they ever wove, but they would do so in a wide array of weave structures.  Deborah’s Fat and Happy scarf is a perfect example of a color/texture weaver’s work.

Deborah is also a fine teacher.  In addition to her Craftsy class (where the Fat and Happy Scarf makes an appearance) and the classes she teaches at her how studio, she makes regular appearances at Stitches and recently started teaching at Vogue Live.  She also teaches shop owners and fellow designers at The National Needlearts Association’s trade show.

Buttermint Hand Towels
Buttermint Hand Towels a new pattern
from Deborah Jarchow and Yarnworker.

Yarnworker is thrilled to have another pattern by Deborah, the Buttermint Hand Towels. Five towels are produced on one warp. Because the warp is white you are free to experiment with color until your heart’s content! Made from absorbant hard wearing unmercerized cotton that comes in a wide array of colors, this pattern allows you to customize the colors to your taste. You can see how these patterns show off Deborah’s particular weaving style—no two alike! Also in this pattern are tips on how to hem handwovens and why using a header is a good idea.

You can learn more about Deborah on her website.

Weave on!

Chief Bottlewasher and Cheerleader at Yarnworker

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