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The Patterns Are Coming!

May is the month we declared we would have our full collection up. Full meaning we have eight patterns in the works.  It may be late May before you see them all. Currently, we have three patterns available for sale—Color-and-Weave Towels, Spa Set, and the Fat and Happy Scarf.

The Puffy Pillow by Deborah Jarchow

Soon we will add Deborah Jarchow’s Puffy Pillows and Lovely Leno Towels, along with my Pick-Up Table Runner, Jeen Ahearn’s Traveling Pinwheel Table Runner, and Joan Sheridan’s Log Cabin Table Setting.

In the meantime, thank you to the hundreds of rigid-heddle weavers that took our survey.  I learned so much by pouring over your magic wishes.  The biggest wish by far was TIME!  We all want more of it.

I’m sorry to say that Yarnworker can’t create more time for you, but we can keep you from wasting it.  Each designer has done all the sampling, yarn calculations, and fiddling about that it takes to create a nice finished object, so you don’t have to!  Beyond that, each pattern is designed to teach you a new skill.  Our Tips & Tricks section highlights one or two skill-building techniques that gives you the information you need to tackle them.  For instance, in the Puffy Pillow pattern we give you tips for weaving with two differently colored wefts and making transitions from one to the next.  This pattern also offers a Weaver’s Guide to Sampling, suggesting a method to sample pain free.  By helping you build skills, we hope to also save you time.

Pick-Up Artist Runner by Liz Gipson

We also heard that many of you are brand new to weaving and are struggling with basic skills.  We plan to introduce Yarnworker tutorials that will help you tackle sticky issues such as yarn substitution, joining and seaming, and adapting patterns designed for floor loom weaving.

Then there are those of you who have weaving for awhile and want to know more about weaving fine fabrics with two heddles or the ever enticing doubleweave.  We will tackle those techniques, too.

We know you are thirsty for more information, more patterns, and more inspiration.  The more patterns we sell, the more resources we will have to produce the information you are looking for and your purchase also goes to support a working weaver.  Please share our social media links with your friends so that we may grow the conversation.

Weave on!


Liz Gipson
Chief Bottlewasher and Cheerleader

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