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Hudson Bay Inspired Throw Weave-Along

The next Yarnworker Weave-Along will be the Hudson Bay Inspired Throw from Handwoven Home, and our second doubleweave weave-along. A big, cozy throw is absolutely within reach of a rigid-heddle weaver. A second heddle allows you to weave cloth twice the width of your loom. This pattern is easily sized up or down and I’ll provide tips for how to assess how long a warp you can weave on your loom. You can read more about this iconic blanket on wikipedia.

The registration link will be available mid-February, 2018 (see below for schedule). I’ll post the link to patrons first, then email the link to everyone who is on the Yarnworker mailing list who checked “weave-alongs” as a special interest.

I know everyone is eager to get started, but I’ll defer most questions regarding this WAL until February 1, so I can focus on getting the next Yarnworker class launched. Stay tuned for the ultimate guide to weaving stripes, checks, plaids, and color-and-weave

Here is the who, what, when, and where info to date:


This weave-along is designed for an intermediate weaver. I assume that you have already woven a few projects, can warp your loom without assistance, have a basic understanding of the terminology, and long warps don’t intimidate you. That said, don’t be afraid to jump in! You don’t know what you can do until you try and that’s what weave-alongs are all about.


Pattern: Hudson Bay Inspired Throw from Handwoven Home.

Hudson Bay from Handwoven Home by Liz Gibson


Yarn: 2-ply wool (874 yd/lb); shown in Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool (100% wool, 478yd/8 3/4 oz skein).


Equipment: Rigid-heddle loom with a 24″ weaving width; two 5-dent rigid heddles; 4 stick shuttles; two 26″ pick-up sticks.

*If you don’t plan on using the recommended yarn or sett, see page 118 for more information on selecting yarns and choosing setts for doubleweave. This post on yarn substitutions may also be helpful. If this is your first time weaving doubleweave, choosing a well-plied, smooth yarn is advised.

Cotton Clouds is putting together a kit in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that will weave well in an alternate sett of 16 (two 8-dents, 8 e.p.i. per layer).

Golden Nuggets

In this weave-along, we will tackle weaving chunky yarns in long, wide warps for doubleweave. Tips covered include project modification suggestions, how to guesstimate how much length your loom can handle, various features and positioning of heddles in heddle blocks on the three popular loom types—Ashford, Kromski, and Schacht—tips for placing pick-up sticks and troubleshooting errors, managing headers, how to weave the short, colored stripes, finishing tips, and more!

NOTE If you want a video demonstrating how to thread the heddles, you will need to purchase Double Your Fun from Interweave. Out of respect to my publisher, I won’t duplicate this content. It isn’t necessary to do so to weave-along, as there is information in Handwoven Home on how to thread the heddles.


The link to the next Yarnworker Weave-Along will be available mid February, 2018. Hop on the Yarnworker mailing list to be emailed the link directly when it is ready. Patrons will always get notifications first.


February 14: Registration link available; welcome information; tips on modifying the pattern in width and length, loom capacity, and yarn substitutions.

February 21: Warp Your Loom

(Note, I’ll be traveling to teach at Sheep Thrills February 24 and 25 and may be a little slower than usual responding to questions.)

March 2: Weave the Throw

March 7: Finish Strong

March 14: Show and Tell!

Videos will be posted by noon on the appointed day. Note that during weaving week, the videos will be posted on Friday.


Yarnworker weave-alongs are available through the Yarnworker School of Weaving, a community-funded, virtual classroom for rigid-heddle weavers. For more information about the Yarnworker Weave-Alongs and School, check out this FAQ.

A big shout out to all the patrons who have kept these weave-alongs going.

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