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Home-ing In On a New Year

A brand new shiny year has arrived and with it comes all the hopes and dreams of new beginnings.  In 2014, I moved to a new home in a small town in New Mexico.  Once a church, it is a magical building flooded with the light of New Mexico—particularly because we have no curtains.  The church was decommissioned about twenty years ago and was bought by a painter who skillfully transformed the interior.  Here is a little tour:

front door


great room

dining room


hallway (yes that is a working water fountain)


This brings me to my resolution for 2015.  I’m going to weave something for every room in this house.  There are nine rooms and two hallways.  I’m inviting you on the journey from picking yarns to sampling to finishing fabrics.  If you haven’t already, join Yarnworker on Facebook or Instagram for up to the minute pics and keep your eye on the Yarnworker website, I’ll be relaunching it in January.

Here is to a great New Year, let’s go get us some yarn and start weaving!


PS Anyone else have any yarn-y related resolution they want to declare?

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