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Yarns and Tools Featured In A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn

Thanks for picking up a copy of A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn. Following is a list of yarn and tools featured in the book.

Page 9: Classic Elite Seedling (warp, discontinued) and Rowan Creative Linen (weft)

Page 10: A selection of yarns gathered to sample for A Weaver’s PlayBox created with Gist Yarn and Fiber (Note: These are not the final colors we used.)

Page 11: Classic Elite Seedling (discontinued) shown on a Patron reward, a little balsam ruler with some grip that makes it perfect for making a yarn wrap.

Page 12: BC Garn Alba (left), 3/2 Perle Cotton (upper right), Weaving Southwest Medium Weight Churro

Page 13: Louet North America Gems on a Sett Checker from the Yarnworker Shop at Purl & Loop

Page 14: Zealana handpaint (discontinued) on a Schacht Spindle Company Cricket Loom

Page 16: Louet North America Gems (left), Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride (right)

Page 17: Louet North America Gems (warp and weft in middle and at left in a finer weight), Lion Brand LB Organic Wool (at right)

Pages 19 and 20: SweetGeorgia Prismatic Mini-Mini Yarn Set woven on Purl & Loop’s Swatch Maker Loom in a sett of 12. I can’t resist showing you the full set!

SweetGeorgia Prismatic Swatches

Page 21: Cascade 220 Paint (warp, discontinued in non-Superwash wool, but available in Superwash blend), Brown Sheep Nature Spun (weft top)

Page 22: Berroco Indigo (top warp, discontinued) and Classic Elite Seedling (top weft, discontinued); Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton (warp, discontinued) and Cotton Clouds Aurora Earth 8/2 unmercerized cotton.

Page 23: Cotton Clouds Aurora Earth 8/2 unmercerized cotton

Page 24: I honestly can’t remember 😉

Page 25: 3/2 Perle Cotton (warp) and Rowan Creative Linen (weft) on a Swatch Maker Loom

Page 30: Darn Good Yarn Sari Silk

Page 33: Brown Sheep Nature Spun

Page 35: Cotton Clouds Aurora Earth 8/2 unmercerized cotton (spool), Venne Organic Cottolin (mini cone), Brown Sheep Lanaloft (cone)

Page 37: Yards to Yarn Balance from Eugene Textile Center’

Page 38: Naturally colored cotton boll and Pima cotton sliver provided by Cotton Clouds

Page 41: Top to bottom: 3/2 Perle Cotton, Cotton Clouds Aurora Earth 8/2 unmercerized cotton, cotton carpet warp, Pakucho cotton, Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton, Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton (discontinued), Berroco Indigo (discontinued), Classic Elite Seedling (discontinued)

Page 42: Art Yarns Cashmere 1 with cashmere fiber (left), Louet North America Gems Merino yarn with Merino Fiber (center), handspun Ross Farm Leicester Longwool and fiber (right)

Page 45: Yarns from the Weaver’s Playbox, a collaboration of Yarnworker and Gist Yarn and Fiber

Page 46: My handspun, homegrown goat down from Crepe Cowl Workbook.

Page 47: Plymouth Yarn Angora

Page 48: Cascade Yarn Cash Vero (warp, discontinued) and Louet North America Mohair (weft, discontinued), unpublished pattern.

Page 49: Grayscale Wrap, The 100th Sheep mini skein pack (warp) and Art Yarns Cashmere 1 (weft)

Page 51: Linen Spa Cloth from Handwoven Home

Page 53: A handspun silk tuxedo scarf published in Spring 2002 Spin-Off  magazine. This is the only weave in the book that I did not make on a rigid-heddle loom. It is an 8-shaft pattern created from a snippet of Lush Life by Billy Strayhorn as arranged by John Coltrane. You can roughly translate music into weaving drafts, similar to name drafts.

Page 56: Blanket project from Life After Warping in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

Page 57: Ghost Ranch Scarf from Deep Fall 2015 Knitty shown in Miss Babs Tarte (warp) and Miss Babs Isadora (weft, discontinued).

Page 58: The Fibre Co. Arranmore (upper) and Luma (lower)

Page 59: Spinning my homegrown goat down on my Schacht-Reeves Spinning Wheel.

Page 60: A detail from the cowl project in Weaving 101: The Basics at the Yarnworker School in The Fibre Co. Luma (warp) and Arranmore (weft)—a classic worsted woolen combination. I love this fabric so much!

Page 61: Stash yarns

Page 62: Brown Sheep Lanaloft (warp and weft)

Page 64: SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock

Page 65: Trendsetter Phoenix Print (warp and weft)

Page 72: WEBS 3/2 Valley Cotton (upper), Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton (middle), Lily Sugar’n Cream (bottom)

Page 74: Mountain Meadow Wool Natural Grays (cone), Modern Cotton DK (hank), Lion Brand LB Organic Wool (ball)

Page 76: SweetGeorgia Prismatic Mini Mini Yarn Set

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