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Four Looks Kitchen Towels Weave-Along

The Yarnworker Weave-Alongs are in a period of transition, from our scrappy Lemonade Crew weave-alongs to a more linear experience. This evolution is made possible by Yarnworker’s Patreon backers. There is no cost to participate in the weave-alongs, and your support is greatly appreciated!

Here is the who, what, when, and where info to date:


This weave-along is designed for the advanced beginner. I assume that you have at woven a few projects and that you have a basic understanding of the terminology. That said, don’t be afraid to jump in. You don’t know what you can do until you try!


Pattern: Four Looks Kitchen Towels from Handwoven Home.


22/2 Cottolin (3,246 yd/lb) or 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,369 yd/lb).

You need about 1,082 yd light blue; 1,488 yd dark blue; 198 yd light green, 986 yd white.

Note: I mixed the Cottolin and 8/2 because I like the look and feel of mixing fiber types and sizes. You can use all 8/2. Since 22/2 is smaller than 8/2, I don’t recommend using only that size in the towel in this sett.

Cotton Clouds is offering a kit for the towels in 8/2.


10-dent rigid-heddle loom with a 23″ (58.5 cm) weaving width; 5 stick shuttles or a boat shuttle with 5 bobbins.

Learning Opportunities

This is a good project to practice warping long, fine warps and managing your weft while making multiple color changes. During the weave-along, I’ll offer information to modifying the pattern to suit your loom, a video for indirect warpers, a tip sheet for direct warpers, a video on weaving with doubled ends and managing color changes, and a hemming video demonstration. You will also find lots of information in Handwoven Home in the yarn, know-how, warping, and finishing sections.


The next Yarnworker Weave-Along starts July 7. A link to the new hosting platform will be available the week of June 19.


We are a little spread-out right now, and I so appreciate your patience as we move into a new space.  I am working on setting up the weave-alongs in Thinktific, a platform designed for online education. It will also house the future Yarnworker School. I should have this all set up in the next 10 days. For more information about the Yarnworker Weave-Alongs and School, check out this FAQ.

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