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Finish Before You Start, The Hemstitch

Hemstitching is worked on the loom while the warp is still under tension. Once the cloth is removed from the loom, you need only wash it and then trim the fringe. Here is a brief tutorial on how to hemstitch like a pro.


Set Up

Weave about 1” leaving a tail of working weft about 4 times the width of your warp.
Thread the tail through the eye of a tapestry needle.
In this example, I’m working over 2 warp ends and 2 weft picks. The stitch can be worked over any grouping of warp and weft.


Working the stitch

Shown here are the stitches worked at the beginning of the Pick-up Artist Runner. Start by wrapping the first set of warp ends with your needle and working yarn (see photo below where the arrow is pointing) The stitch is working in 2 simple steps.

Step 1 Insert the needle on top of the desired number of weft picks from the start of the cloth. Allow it to exit at angle so that it passes under your desired number of weft picks and warp ends.

Step 2 Pull the needle through and reinsert it under the same number of warp ends so that the yarn encases the warp.

Repeat these steps until you have secured all the warp ends.  Then needle weave the tail back into the stitches and cut the tail leaving about a 2” tail.

After washing your fabric, trim the tail flush to the cloth and the fringe to your desired lenght.Here is the Pick-Up Artist runner with finished hemstitching.   

Happy weaving!



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