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Do Overs

The New Year is approaching.  Soon what is old will be new again; excellent timing for the first hard copy of the revised and updated Weaving Made Easy to land on my desk.  What is new about this old book? I’ll let the book speak for itself.

Easy is a word that would stop any weaver or potential weaver in her tracks. Easy? Really? Everything is easy if you know how to do it. With the burden of this word in the title I set about to write a book at that would give anyone the tools she or he need to weave for a lifetime from selecting yarns to finishing the cloth. I humbly admit that I had blinders on in one very important area—warping.
The method in the first edition—indirect—is one I love because it is so versatile. If you master it, there is no hurdle you can’t jump. (As a bonus I like it because it takes up less room and can be used to warp a floor or table loom.) It is not, however, the “easiest” method; nor is it even the fastest. In this edition, we will not eliminate that option, but rather condense it and give you what conventional wisdom recognizes as the easiest way to warp a rigid-heddle loom—the direct method. This method can only be used with this style of loom and it is pretty darn clever.
In addition to adding a new warping method, we have also added a few new projects—a weaver’s favorite—towels, place mats, and napkins! There are more call outs and subheadings in the introductory information to make it easier for you to find the information you need.
It has been my privilege to work with so many new weavers over the years. Teachers say this all the time—we mean it—you teach us more than we teach you.
—Page 3, Weaving Made Easy revised and updated edition
Who says you don’t get second chances in life? In celebration of this what-is-old-is-new-again time of year, I’m relaunching  Watch for a new and improved resource rich site. You will be able to buy patterns directly from the website instead of having to hop off somewhere else.  (The patterns will still be available wholesale from Unicorn Books & Crafts.) The new site will include lots of handy information that aspiring and experience weavers alike will find useful, such as basic vocabulary and frequently asked questions about the rigid-heddle loom.
All the best to you and yours during the holiday season.  See you in the New Year!



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