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Pick-Up, When to Weave Which Float

If you are totally new to weaving with the pick-up stick on the rigid heddle loom, check out my latest Knitty column. I give a very basic primer on how it works and discuss how to weave warp floats. In First Fall edition of Knitty, I’ll address weft floats. Here’s what I’ve been geeking out on lately. When using a …

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Mixing It Up: Warping Complicated Color Orders

In the past week, I had two separate weavers email me about warping plaid and color-and-weave. Both of these weavers were struggling to get the results they wanted using the direct warping method. You could certainly warp simple stripes and a few of the color-and-weave combos, such as houndstooth or log cabin, easily using the direct …

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Geeking Out: Placing Your Weft

In weaving we talk about “beating your yarn” a lot.  I try to avoid using this phrase as it send the wrong message. It refers to what most of us think of as “weaving”, using the rigid-heddle to press the weft into place. Perhaps a more accurate instruction is to “place the weft”.  Beating too hard means you end …

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Singular Thinking

My Spinzilla is finally underway. After squawking for weeks to others to do their prep ahead of time, I had a total fail in that department.  Between organizing Spinzilla and working on the book, my own wheel has been sorely neglected these past few months.  After a late night wheel tune-up and stripping and prepping …

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