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Meet the Swatch Maker Mini

Swatching may seem to imply that you are striving to make a perfect thing. For me it is about bringing more joy to the process. A chance to stroll through the what-ifs without the worry. Will I like this color combination or that combination? Will this yarn finish the way I hoped it will? Will …

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Swatch Maker Loom Line Comes To Yarnworker

Four years ago, a chance meeting at a trade show led to a partnership that has been both rewarding and fun. It is hard to put into words the satisfaction of having an idea and working with a perfect partner to make it happen. Angela Smith of Purl & Loop, who was most of the …

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Swatch and Learn

I released my first self-published book, A Weaver’s Guide to Swatching, back in January. Some of you know the back story: The previous year I had reached out to Angela at Purl & Loop to see if she could devise a tool that would help me swatch while working on Handwoven Home. To date, there were …

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Adult Recess

Out with the old, in with the new has never really sat well with me. As a student of history, our past helps shape our future. We tend to dwell on the parts of our personal past that didn’t serve us, but I’d rather encourage you to look for the parts that did. Last year, …

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