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Threading Part Two: Sett In A Multi-Heddle World

As you explore more weave structures and dive deeper into sett, you will begin to hear the word “density” a lot. This can relate to how you calculate the sett or how you think about the relationships between structure and your materials. Note: This blog post was updated in August 2023 to clarify the different …

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The Weaver’s Trifecta: Yarn, Sett, Beat

As I enter my fifth year of hosting weave-alongs, I’ve been musing on how we spend our time. Besides generally geeking out on all the things weaving entails, we seem to spend the most time talking about the endlessly fascinating topic of yarn selection, sett, and beat, or what I like to call, the weaver’s …

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Geeking Out: Get Multiple Setts From a Single Rigid Heddle Reed

The question of how to modify your threading in a rigid-heddle reed to alter its sett comes up from time to time. Similar to the floor or table loom reed, the threading of the rigid heddle determines how many warp ends you have in an inch of warp. The difference between a rigid-heddle reed and …

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