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Geeking Out: Yarn Substitutions

Yarn is forever, but yarns, sadly, come and go. Some of my favorite Steady Eddie brands and yarn lines are Brown Sheep and Halcyon Signature line. Inevitably, though, you come across a project in a yarn that has been discontinued. An overwhelming number of respondents to the last survey I sent out, said that not …

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Geeking Out: Placing Your Weft

In weaving we talk about “beating your yarn” a lot.  I try to avoid using this phrase as it send the wrong message. It refers to what most of us think of as “weaving”, using the rigid-heddle to press the weft into place. Perhaps a more accurate instruction is to “place the weft”.  Beating too hard means you end …

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Geeking Out: Cotton

I’ve noticed that if a pattern calls for cotton yarn most weavers tend to dig into their stash and pull out whatever cotton they have on hand.  All cotton yarns are not the same.  Depending on their type they can behave differently in the finished cloth. Here is a brief rundown of the kinds of cottons …

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Geeking Out: The Heddle Rod

A weaver recently e-mailed me to ask why use a heddle rod in the Spa Set Pattern mat instead of two pick-up sticks?  The quick answer is that in this particular pattern, if you placed two pick-up sticks they would interfere with one another. This isn’t the case with all pick-up patterns that require two sticks, …

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