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Geeking Out: The Heddle Rod

A weaver recently e-mailed me to ask why use a heddle rod in the Spa Set Pattern mat instead of two pick-up sticks?  The quick answer is that in this particular pattern, if you placed two pick-up sticks they would interfere with one another. This isn’t the case with all pick-up patterns that require two sticks, …

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Advice for the Beginner

Yesterday I was on The Yarn Thing Podcast with the delightful Marly Bird.  She asked me, “If I know nothing about weaving and go to the Yarnworker site, which pattern should I pick?”  My first thought was our free Lovely Lace Scarf pattern or the Fat and Happy Scarf, but the great thing about beginners …

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Geeking Out: Wraps Per Inch, Sett, and You

  Recently a colleague, who works on the knitting side of the craft, asked me what is up with Wraps Per Inch? There appears to be so much misinformation about how to use this measurement. I had such fun answering this question that I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you. In my …

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Meet A Yarnworker

The highly textural Puffy Pillows Because of Martha Stewart, I was fortunate enough to meet Deborah Jarchow. Remember when Martha left jail wearing a crocheted poncho made by one of her fellow inmates? Ponchos became an overnight sensation!  That year Handwoven decided to host a poncho contest and I was in charge of corresponding with …

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Use What You’ve Got

Occasionally when I’m working with two of my favorite fibers—linen and hemp—my selvedges lose tension.  I keep s-hooks and old shower curtain hooks handy for just these occasions.  Usually they are heavy enough to weight down the loose threads, but tonight I needed to add additional weight.  Luckily, I hadn’t put away the holiday decorations …

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It’s About The Yarn

Recently Handwoven asked me to write a series of articles for rigid-heddle weavers exploring the basic building blocks of yarn work on the rigid-heddle loom.  The first was “Can I Weave That on My Rigid-Heddle Loom” (Handwoven November/December 2013). I’m not the first person to have tackled this question for the magazine.  If you can …

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The Patterns Are Coming!

May is the month we declared we would have our full collection up. Full meaning we have eight patterns in the works.  It may be late May before you see them all. Currently, we have three patterns available for sale—Color-and-Weave Towels, Spa Set, and the Fat and Happy Scarf. The Puffy Pillow by Deborah Jarchow …

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Meet Yarnworker

Why Yarnworker? Did you ever was up one day and say, he, I’m going to start __________ (fill in the blank). I wrote in Yarnworker. For years, I watched my knitting, crocheting, and seeing friend, colleagues, and heroes self-publish patterns and thought, one day. Weaving has a long tradition of self-publising, along with supportive distribution …

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