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Yarnworker School of Weaving

The Yarnworker School is the first community-funded, online school devoted specifically to rigid-heddle weaving. As your instructor, I invite you to join in and weave wherever you are in your weaving journey. Whether you need foundational classes that build your skills or a fun and challenging weave-along, there is something here for you.

The Yarnworker School is supported by a generous community of Patrons. Patrons are eligible for discounts on classes and have access to all weave-alongs for free and other bonus learning opportunities. They are what made my dream of having a little school in the cloud a reality. For that, they have my unending thanks.

Weave-Alongs are an opportunity for you to challenge yourself in the company of other weavers. The education portion of the weave-alongs is free while they are active. After they are over, I assign a fee to help support the school. Patrons, who are the primary funders of the Yarnworker School, can access weave-alongs at no fee at any time.

Free Classes



Fall Weave-Along gets underway October 21. Join us as we weave a tubular doubleweave crossbody bag. For more information, hop over here. Weave-Alongs are free until 30 days after they are over. At that time, I assign a small fee. Patrons of the Yarnworker School can access weave-alongs at no fee at any time.

2020 Weave-Alongs

2019 Weave-Alongs

2018 Weave-Alongs

2017 Weave-Alongs

The Difference Between Weave-Alongs and Classes


I offer a series of classes to build your foundational skills. You can start with the free class, Why This Loom, to explore the reasons why you may want to explore the rigid-heddle loom. From there, I offer a series of classes starting with Weaving 101, which assumes you know nothing about weaving on a rigid heddle loom, and walks you through all the foundational information you need from loom mechanics, terminology, selecting yarns, setting up the loom, reading a weaving pattern, weaving with confidence, and finishing strong.

Other classes build on this foundation and cover topics such as colorwork, indirect warping, and using a pick-up stick. Throughout all the classes, I offer lots of tips for designing your own projects based on what you learned in the classes.


If you already have a few foundational skills, I invite you to the School's Weave-Alongs. To participate in a weave-along, I assume you know the basics—you have warped and woven a couple of projects, are comfortable with basic weaving vocabulary, and are ready for a challenge. These educational portions of the weave-alongs are free from their start to 30 days after they are over. After that time, I assign a fee to support the school.

They continue because of the generous support of the Yarnworker Patreon Community. Become a patron, and get behind-the-scenes information, discounts on classes and Yarnworker publications, cool rewards, an invitation to join a private Facebook Group, and my undying thanks!

To learn more about the history of the weave-alongs and the school's development, visit the FAQ page.

Heddles up!

Liz Gipson
Yarnworker School of Weaving

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