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Half Year Mark: A Handwoven Home Update

Declaring that 2015 “year of the handwoven home” was a way for me to increase the number of handwovens in my home. Since that time, I’ve signed for a new book with Interweave on weaving for the home, causing me to switch gears from weaving for me to weaving for publication.

To keep the spirit of my declaration “I want to live with handwoven things,” I’m going to adjust on two fronts, “handwoven” and “by me”.

There are twenty windows to cover in the new house. We looked into commercial window coverings and couldn’t find anything that suited us or was in our budget. After extensive sampling we have decided on these simple linen cafe curtains as a prototype for the other rooms. I am weaving curtains for the book so you may see handwoven curtains at some point, but for now I’m considering this a room off the list!Cutrain Prototypes

Then to the “by me” part. My friend and Yarnworker contributor, Jean Ahearn, sent me a lovely set of handwoven towels that match my bathroom cupboard perfectly. I knew the perfect spot for them the moment I opened the box.  Jean aka “Jeen” on Ravelry is one of the nicest people you will ever (virtually) meet and how could I do any better.Jean's Towels

I have nine rooms on the list and I’m crossing off five and giving up on one. Here is the mid-year review of the other projects that I’ve completed. I have a bit of a crush on orange and pink. Must be all the glorious desert sunsets.

Kitchen Towels

Cottolin towels for the kitchen

Medium Shot

Doubleweave pillows for the living room.

Vanilla Cake Table Runner Detail

A runner for the dining room hutch.  This project was the subject of my latest Knitty column.

That leaves the bedroom, yarn room, workroom, and study. Since we live in what once was a public space we have lots of rooms that aren’t technically bedrooms.  The workroom makes very little sense to weave for since it really is an adjunct garage so I’m going to consider three rooms left.  I think next I’ll tackle a little rug for the yarn room floor that I can stand on when I wind warps.

I think this is one resolution I just might actually keep!

Happy Weaving


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